Our foundation name is inspired by the creative legacy of fans and users of the Blackwing pencil.  Artists, musicians and more who’s leadership and dedication to the arts inspire our cultural development and enrichment.  Whether famous, infamous, professional or hobbyists or just plain interested in participating in and supporting the arts; these are people who know the importance and value of arts education to sustaining a vibrant culture and to the individual development and learning of our youth.

Much as the Blackwing pencil disappeared for a time from modern production and use we at the Blackwing Foundation are concerned about the decline in support of school based arts curriculum, particularly in our public schools.   The family founders of our organization have been long time supporters of education in their local community and beyond. By establishing the Blackwing Foundation, they are now dedicating significant energy and financial resources to the goal of improving support for arts education in the United States.

For more on the Story of the Blackwing pencil visit:  palominobrands.com/blackwing-pencil-story